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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium 

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant.


Funding for 2017-2018 is £95,040

Each and every child is an individual; all have different starting points and different rates of progress.  We assess children at the start and end of interventions to ensure we know how the children are progressing and identify their strengths as well as the areas to work on. Please see Pupil Premium Strategy document below. 


Use of Pupil Premium Grant during 2016-2017 £92,400


Pupils’ Value added Progress KS1 – KS2 June 2017

Schools score between -10 and 10 for value added progress in core subjects. The Government floor targets are Reading -5. Writing -7 and Maths -5.



Disadvantaged pupils at Foxes Piece

Disadvantaged pupils nationally

All other pupils nationally














Disadvantaged pupils at Foxes Piece School progress well above that of disadvantaged pupils nationally and all other pupils nationally in Reading and Mathematics. 


Progress of disadvantaged pupils in writing is better than that of disadvantaged nationally and in line with all other pupils nationally - Reading, writing and Maths outcomes 2017. 


The percentage of disadvantaged children achieving the expected standard (80%) is above the national average (67%). 


Early Years good level of development 2017


School – 70% of disadvantaged children achieved GLD

National – 70% of children achieved GLD


Year 1 Phonic Check


School - 100% of disadvantaged pupils working at level

National - 84% of disadvantaged pupils working at level 


PP STRATEGY Statement 2018