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Creative Arts


Welcome to Creative Arts at Foxes Piece School


Music at Foxes Piece is taught, by a specialist teacher, across the school every Monday.  The children learn a range of instruments including: classical guitar, recorder, ocarina. As well as using a wide range of percussion instruments and their voices. Children are encouraged to enjoy learning an instrument and give them a love and understanding of music from different cultures.


There is an afterschool guitar club (free of charge) on a Thursday so that children can practise their skills further.


Design and Technology

Design and Technology is taught for 3 half terms a year. It is project based learning with cross curricular ties to English, History, Geography and PHSE.  The children learn a range of skills through designing and making including: needle work, cookery, material work (wood and plastic).  The children enjoy learning how to safely use a range of tools and equipment including: hack saws, hammers, hand drills, knives, needles and adhesives.



Art and Design

Art and Design is taught for 3 half terms a year. The children learn about a range of famous artist, sculptors and architects from throughout history as well as learning how to make their own creations, sketch, sculpt, paint and draw with increasing accuracy.