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Remote Education Provision - Information for our parents

We use Class Dojo throughout the school to provide our blended home learning. Our expectation is that children will be accessing Class Dojo daily to access the work set by their teacher. They will then upload completed work during the day for the teacher to provide feedback. For parents not able to access online provision please contact us via the school office as we are able to provide workbooks and paper packs if preferred. We can also help provide laptops should you need one. 


What should my child expect from our remote education?

Each day on Class Dojo there is a morning welcome video from the class teacher. A daily overall task sheet summarises the lessons for the day. Teachers will set Maths, Reading and Writing followed by one or two other curricula subjects each day. We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school and we aim to follow the National Curriculum as much as possible. Teachers will also provide live online contact each week through Zoom meetings, this may be through well-being activities, PSHE sessions or the opportunity to clarify any learning misconceptions. Teachers will also be posting video recordings of their  lessons on Class Dojo for children to follow.  Twice a week, there is also a Headteacher/SLT assembly.


Remote Teaching and Study Time Each Day

Our expectation is that children in Reception and Key Stage 1 will complete three hours of work a day. Children in Key Stage 2 will complete four hours of work a day.  We do understand that home-learning can be challenging for families, our hope is that our remote learning is flexible and adaptable for your children at home.

Our blended home learning will provide your child with a variety of lesson types to help them engage and stay motivated. These may include Power Points with teacher voice over, recorded videos of them, or lessons from the National Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize and interactive online activities. Sites that your child may be asked to access are:



Hit the Button (

Times Table Rock Stars

Year 6 has access to RM Easimaths (

Twinkl (

Classroom Secrets  (


Phonics Play (

Oxford Owl (

Writing and spelling

Spellzone (

Creative writing (

Music and Art



How will my child access the online remote education?

Children will access their learning via Class Dojo - our learning platform. This is incredibly interactive, children and parents are able to easily find their work on 'Class Story', upload their completed work in their portfolios and see feedback from their teacher.  Each week, every class will have a Zoom session with their teacher which enables them to stay in touch, supports all our well-being and reduces feelings of isolation. Children may also be invited to additional group Zoom sessions throughout the week for Guided Reading, PSHE, Maths or English. 


Please contact the class teacher or the school office; if there are any issues with accessing or uploading to Class Dojo. We will always try to help solve any problems. In rare, or preferred, situations paper packs can be collected from the office but we do always encourage you to try to access Class Dojo as it is a much more efficient, interactive and fun way for your child to access their learning and also to get feedback from their teacher. Your child will be able to complete the work without requiring a printer so please, only print work if it is more convenient for you. 




Parent Survey and Forum results and actions – February 2021





Is there anything you wish to suggest for us to improve our Home Learning at Foxes Piece?

  • Daily small group live lessons.
  • Daily class zoom calls to discuss work set - Q&A sessions
  • One live lesson a day. There’s a lot of pressure on parents to be teachers full time
  • We really REALLY appreciate all the work that staff do to support us to help our children learn. A great balance of support and understanding if we can’t attended the live sessions for any reason. It is great to have the communication channel of dojo messages which works very well.
  • Provide more live sessions. We are the only school I know of in the local area that isn't doing some sort of live lesson everyday
  • Daily zoom sessions / classes like the other schools in this area - especially for the upper years.
  • Reception class haven’t had any zoom calls which I appreciate would be harder but those children’s who have older siblings are seeing they are being left out - smaller and shorter seasons would be good for their age group.
  • Live zoom/teams lessons. More interaction with the children at home, rather than telling them how much fun you’ve had in school this week.
  • I don’t understand why the children don’t have zoom lessons.
  • Live zoom lessons
  • No we are happy with what is provided just struggle sometimes as both parents are working
  • More 1 to 1 with teacher. Even just once a week
  • As above- kids miss their friends and teachers. Being an only child and in lockdown, as well as being homeschooled by us parents means that my son spends 100% of his time with adults. Regular zoom sessions with the class would definitely help his well-being and would benefit his social development. My child has attended one with his teacher and he absolutely loved it.
  • I think you are all doing a wonderful job. Teachers consistently go above and beyond for Year 3. It is amazing.

Parents Forum Feedback

Love Zoom PSHE sessions

Parents like contact with teachers on dojo

Parents would like zoom lessons in science/topic? Discussion tasks hard at home

Only children missing contact with others and feeling isolated

Y3 friendship zooms are great – like that the groups are friends.

Sometimes the tasks are repetitive and it is hard to engage the children

More zoom sessions – for those who will engage.  Don’t stop just because others don’t sign in.

Zooms to be set and timetabled to support parents who are working – last minute ones are hard to accommodate.

Zoom sessions – PM preferred

Zoom quizzes and bingo great for keeping in touch

Parent would generally like Interviews to take place after children have returned to school

MA challenges and zoom sessions would be appreciated

Zoom ‘bank of resources’ to support learning e.g multiplication/ division

Parents might like some zoom sessions too

Daily zoom drop in not necessary as parents can message on class dojo.

Feedback videos explaining misconceptions are really good (Y4 examples)

Would like feedback on how the children are doing?




Next Steps and Actions

To create a timetable of Zoom sessions for parents to enable them to plan ahead


W/c 22nd February

To phone families at home to give then feedback on how the children are getting on with their work.


W/c 22nd February

To invite all children at home to at least two Zoom sessions per week


W/c 22nd February

To ensure that only children have additional ‘virtual’ contact with teachers and friends.


Awaiting PM announcement prior to planning

Parent interviews to be planned for after the children have returned and completed assessments.




The Prime Minister’s planned announcement on 22nd February may see changes to this plan.