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Religious Education

Religious Education

Welcome to RE at Foxes Piece School




The Religious Education curriculum at Foxes Piece School provides important skills, attitudes, knowledge and understanding that we want for our children growing up in modern Britain. We imagine a future for the children where they are able to handle the big questions and understanding of peoples beliefs and ways of life.

RE is important because:

  • It helps our pupils understand the world they live in by developing their religious literacy
  • It provides opportunities for and develops their ability to reflect on experience.
  • It develops debating reasoning, self- expression, relationships and self-understanding
  • it helps develop a sense of community and belonging
  • It builds positive relationships for learning and behaviour

It helps society grow, share and understand.



At Foxes Piece we learn about Christianity across the school alongside other religions such as Islam, Hinduism and Judaism. We take lots of opportunities to celebrate world and religious festivals by encouraging visitors to join us in assemblies, visit religious buildings as well as putting on a Christmas nativity each year!