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Sports Premium Grant

Foxes Piece School Sports Grant Statement 2020-21

Summary Information



Academic year


Total Sports Grant



Total Number of Pupils


To be reviewed – Sept 2021



Areas to Address



  • Children returning to fitness after periods at home due to lockdown


  • Teacher’s confidence in teaching good and outstanding PE lessons


  • Enrichment lessons for children


  • Extra-curricular activities for children


Use of Sports Grant


  • Quality First Teaching (effective differentiation, high expectations, all PP children identified within class)
  • Catch up swimming lessons
  • Enrichment lessons and experiences
  • Extra-curricular activities for all children
  • Use Schools Games Week to promote children to try something new and get physically active


Quality First Teaching

Chosen action/approach


How will we ensure it is implemented well?/Success Criteria

Class timetables created to ensure all classes have access to hall/playground or field for 2 hours of PE a week.

Half termly reviews to check that the timetable is still working for everyone and if they need to change their area in regards to their PE unit.


A PE progression document has been created to ensure that children build on previous skills learnt.

Half termly checks that teachers are following the progression document.

Teachers to use the school approved Twinkl planning to ensure there is progression and continuality across the school.

Half termly checks that teachers are following the progression document.

Raising teacher’s confidence in teaching PE lessons through mini observations and team teaching with sports specialist to help support teachers in delivering PE lessons. 

Termly mini observations to support teachers and ensure quality teaching of PE.

Teachers to assess their classes at the end of each unit. Children who are identified as lacking certain skills will be addressed and also those who are gifted and talented will be identified.

CD to receive assessments and discuss with teachers those children who need to receive extra skills support and those who could be identified for extra-curricular clubs.

Healthy eating and wellbeing are high profile in lessons and children to receive ‘A Life’ PSHE workshops which cover issues such as healthy eating, drugs and healthy lifestyles.

PSHE Leaders to organise workshops for all classes.




Catch up Swimming

Chosen action/approach

How will we ensure it is implemented well?

Success Criteria

Catch up swimming lessons

Classes who missed out on swimming lessons due to lockdown are identified. Liaise with Court Gardens to plan catch-up sessions. Teachers to identify children who lack basic swimming skills so we can see if they can be offered catch up swimming lessons.

Catch up lessons are provided to classes who lost learning due to Covid. 


Extra-Curricular Clubs and Enrichment

Chosen action/approach

How will we ensure it is implemented well?

Success Criteria

Extra-curricular clubs

School staff will offer a wide range of sports and extra-curricular to all children in safe bubbles

A comprehensive list of clubs are available for all children.


Enrichment sessions and focus days/weeks are used to inspire children to try something new.  

Sports specialists will provide enrichment days to reignite children’s love for sports and introduce children to sports they may not have tried before.

All children enjoy taster sessions for new sports activities.  

Internal Sports Events are reinstated e.g. Sports Day and Carousel of Sports

High quality competitive and non-competitive sports events and tournaments are held in school during the summer term.

All pupils engage with a range of sporting events during the summer term.

Sports Week (21st -25th June)

Staff and children take part in a sports focussed week that encourages children to take part in something new and benefits of physical activity.

All pupils access an inspiration sports week and learn how physical health is linked to positive mental health.