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At Foxes Piece we aim to deliver an inspiring curriculum which supports every child to develop a true passion for physical education.  Our curriculum encourages pupils to seek out and embrace the wide range of sporting opportunities provided and try something new through our clubs’ festivals and workshops.  Throughout the curriculum children are exposed to competitive and non-competitive sports and by the time children leave in year six we intend for every pupil to be confident and competent, an active participant in sporting opportunities and lead a healthy lifestyle.  Children will also be able to demonstrate cooperation and collaboration with others showing a deep understanding of fairness working as a team and equity of play. 


We implement our intentions by providing: 

  • a fun and engaging curriculum which is balanced between indoor and outdoor activities. 

  •  ensuring planning is adapted based on the individual needs of pupils through designing activities that challenge the more able and support pupils with SEND. 

  • developing well resourced and engaging lessons in line with our teacher’s expertise while utilising the Complete PE scheme of work to support teachers planning. 

  • ensuring children in the EYFS participate in sporting activities that develop their fine motor and gross motor skills whilst delivering fun lessons to promote their physical development. 

  • offering a wide range of sporting opportunities within each year group and ensuring different sports are taught across the whole school including: multi skills, tennis tag, rugby, netball, basketball, athletics, dance, gymnastics, outdoor and adventurous activities and swimming. 

  • we also provide high quality PE teaching run by experts in a variety of sports including hockey, rugby and cricket.  

  • all pupils have opportunities to compete in intra school and inter school competitions. 

  • as a member of our local school sports partnership, we take part in festivals, competitions and taster days with other local schools.  

  • we offer a variety of clubs throughout the years open to all pupils including multi-skills, fitness, netball, rugby, football, bench ball, badminton and gymnastics. 

  • in lessons we provide children with immediate feedback and challenge them to develop their cognitive, social, well-being and physical skills further including praising children so that they understand what aspects of physical education they have succeeded in each lesson. 

We are very proud of the PE curriculum at Foxes Piece School. In 2022 we were awarded the silver SportsMark award and in 2023 the gold!