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Our Curriculum Intention Statements

1. To instil and value ambition, developing aspirational attitudes

2. To secure for all children fluent and effective reading to enable them to access the wider curriculum, develop a rich vocabulary and enjoy reading for pleasure as a door to further learning.

3. To secure for all children a fluency of number and an ability to manipulate number to support problem solving and reasoning.

4. To develop communication skills and use appropriate vocabulary both verbally and written.

5. To ensure retention of key skills and the ability to apply these continually across the curriculum and throughout school.

6. To deliver the knowledge and understanding of how to keep themselves healthy, both physically and mentally, to support their long term well-being.

7. The children will understand they are part of a diverse community and world, and will adopt tolerance, respect and understand the importance of their role and responsibility within society.

8. To broaden children’s experiences and develop new interests.

9. To cultivate independent, questioning and resilient learners who have pride in their work.

10. Assessment is used to ensure the long term retention of knowledge and skills and ensure that progressive tasks lead to deeper understanding and maintenance of learning.



Foxes Piece is a school located within the very prosperous town of Marlow.  The school is unique in this context in that it serves a very diverse local community.   The school has a high proportion of children in receipt of Free School Meals and SEN compared to the National Average and a high percentage of children have a wide range of barriers to their learning.  Some parents have low aspirations and lack of parental support results in children starting Foxes Piece at levels well below that expected level for their age.  In year mobility is also high and a significant number of pupils have arrived at the school throughout KS2 many with additional complex issues. 


Our aim is to provide an excellent education for all our pupils; our vision  is that all the children leave Foxes Piece resilient, curious, respectful and independent young people and this is rooted in a desire to bring out the best in all pupils and prepare them for success in life.  Our motto ‘Everyone is Someone’ ensures that our curriculum is child centred so all learning is relevant to our pupils.  Our curriculum is designed to provide all our pupils with the core knowledge and transferable skills that is the foundation of this success.  We aim to maximise their cognitive development with their personal development and individual talents so that Foxes Piece pupils become positive active citizens.


At the heart of our curriculum lies a respect for the subjects we teach and for the insight that each provides into the world around us.  We teach our pupils how to think and how to be active in their learning.  Our curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of Foxes Piece pupils and has been designed with them specifically in mind.  We have high expectations for all our children and use the National Curriculum and creative topics to form a framework for our teaching and learning but enhance it with Wow Days, Community and Charity Links, rich learning experiences and high quality PHSE and SMSC opportunities to make a positive contribution to our community.  We go above and beyond to ensure that all pupils achieve their potential and enjoy a great range of engaging and memorable learning opportunities.


Entitlement to new learning – we believe all pupils have the right to learn what is in our curriculum and have a duty to ensure all children are taught the whole of it. 

Mastery – we want all children to achieve a full understanding specified in the curriculum for each year group.  We use rigorous assessments to monitor progress and inform teaching

Maintaining Prior Learning – prior learning is maintained by using non-negotiables in each year group to ensure that learning is maintained, progressive built upon.

Revision and Maintenance – are key aspects to our daily curriculum to ensure fluency of facts and learning is maintained and long term.

Growth Mindset – children are encouraged to ‘try their best and never give up – even when learning is tricky’

Reading- As a former Reading Recovery School, we actively promote a love of reading across the school and recognise the importance this has in accessing the whole curriculum and developing lifelong readers.

Creativity and Enrichments Opportunities – we use Wow Days and Rich Learning Experiences together with community projects to provide the cultural capital that many of our children lack exposure to.  A wide and changing range of clubs, visitors and family events are well supported by staff, governors and parents.

Outdoor Learning – we use our fabulous grounds to its full potential in our children’s learning opportunities and make excellent use of our great outdoor spaces.

a diverse community and world, and will adopt tolerance, respect and understand the importance of their role and responsibility within society.



The curriculum for each year group can be accessed on the school website (link to jigsaws below).  Our overarching topics provide the context for the learning which teachers bring to life through texts, humour and memorable classroom moments.   We deliver an inclusive curriculum that meet the needs of all our pupils.  Assessments take place termly and parents are provided with feedback via either Parent Interviews or the children’s Annual Reports.  In our lessons you will typically see all pupils learning challenging content, with the teachers providing additional support for pupils who need it and our higher achievers are expected to produce work of greater depth and flair.


Our approach to teaching and learning ensures that lessons build on prior learning and provide opportunities for guided and independent practice.  We use Blooms Taxonomy and our experienced teachers to ensure that learning is effective.  Wherever possible we use skilled professionals and experienced artists to enrich and deepen our children’s knowledge of art, design, dance, music, technology and PHSE.


Everything the children learn in school – the national curriculum, topics, SMSC, PHSE, cultural development together with our ethos and ‘hidden curriculum’ are seen as part of our curriculum.  Our curriculum is delivered in the broadest sense.



Our formative assessments are used to support pupils to achieve fluency and retention of prior learning in order to embed this knowledge in their long term memory.  This frees up their working memory for the current learning.  We are particularly conscious of the role that literacy and vocabulary plays in unlocking  the whole curriculum and we encourage all pupils to read widely.  Every child has an equal right to a challenging and enlightening curriculum and by teaching this curriculum well and developing effective learning habits in our pupils, we bring out the best in everyone.


Pupils tell us they enjoy their learning at Foxes Piece School (See Pupils Survey Link) and like coming to school and attendance is good.   Behaviour is very good and pupils articulate our Foxy Five Values through their words and actions.


Our Subject Leaders rigorously monitor all subject area standards and outcomes for our children are improving and all teaching staff are well supported and informed about new findings in subject specific areas. 


Foxes Piece Signature Lessons include:-

•             review of prior learning,

•             new material introduced in small steps,

•             questioning,

•             modelling,

•             guided practise,

•             challenge opportunities

•             scaffolding for harder tasks,

•             independent practise,

•             feedback


If you wish any further information regarding our Curriculum, please either mention it at Parent Interviews or speak to Mrs Potter our Year 6 teacher who is our Curriculum Lead. 


Clubs and extra-curricular activities

There are opportunities for children to be involved in a wide range of extra-curricular activities throughout the year.  As in all other aspects of school life we encourage the involvement of parents in helping to provide these activities, and are very grateful for the time and additional expertise they give to us.