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Learning Computing 


Our children develop a love of learning enhanced by the use of technology across the curriculum. The varied and stimulating experiences provided with our computing curriculum helps to create successful, happy learners with a thirst for knowledge, a determination to succeed and the necessary skills to flourish in our digital world safely.  


Our computing curriculum addresses the challenges and opportunities offered by the technologically rich world in which we live.  We use computing to enrich our whole school curriculum and ensure coverage of the national curriculum expectation.  We follow clear progression of knowledge and skills throughout the school and there are opportunities for children to be creative, become digital literate, stay safe online and communicate effectively and efficiently. 


We equip Foxes Piece children with computational thinking and creativity that enables them to become active participants in the digital world.  It is vital that we enable children to use changing technology to express themselves, as tools for learning and to drive their generation forward into the future. We teach children to be respectful, responsible and confident users of technology.  


The importance of online safety is embedded in lessons where technology is used as well as being explicitly taught in SMSC lessons and on Safer Internet Day. We develop children's knowledge and understanding of what being safe online means and parents are informed when issues relating to on-line safety arise and further information and support is provided if required.