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Foxes Piece School Sports Grant Statement 2023-24


Academic year


Total Sports Grant



Total Number of Pupils


To be reviewed – Sept 2024


Areas to Address


  • Children lack confidence in their own abilities


  • Rising overweight/obesity levels for primary age children


  • Low fitness levels and/or low motivation for some children


  • ECT’s confident to teach PE lessons


  • Enrichment lessons for children in non-traditional sports


  • Sustaining increased chances for physical activity at breaktimes and lunchtimes. 


  • Sustaining extra-curricular activities for children including clubs, tournaments and festivals.


  • Additional Opportunities for Outdoor Adventurous Activities in KS2


Use of Sports Grant - Key Indicators


All children should have 60 minutes of physical activity each day

The Profile of PE and sport is a tool for whole school improvement.

Teachers have increased confidence, knowledge and skills to teach PE and sport.

All pupils are offered a broad range of sports and activities to experience.

Increased participation in competitive sport






Positive Playtimes allow children to access additional sporting activities throughout the school day.


Additional physical equipment available at break and lunchtimes


Extra-curricular activities including clubs, matches, tournaments etc. for all children


Staff and children take part in a sport focused week that encourages children to take part in something new and benefits of physical activity.


Monitoring of attendance at clubs ensures that all children are offered and engaging in physical activity beyond the school PE lessons.

Monitoring class timetables  to ensure all classes have access to hall/playground or field for 2 hours of PE a week.


A PE progression document has been created to ensure that children build on previous skills learnt.


Healthy eating and wellbeing are high profile in lessons and children to receive ‘A Life’ PSHE workshops which cover issues such as healthy eating, drugs and healthy lifestyles.


Healthy lifestyle links with PSHE curriculum to promote well-being.


Sports leaders in school promote and engage children in fun physical activities.


Sport leaders’ mentor younger children to be active.



Quality First Teaching (effective differentiation, high expectations, all PP children identified within class)


Teachers to use the school approved Complete PE planning to ensure there is progression and continuality across the school.


Teachers to assess their classes at the end of each unit. Children who are identified as lacking certain skills will be addressed and also those who are gifted and talented will be identified.


High quality CPD will be available to less confident teachers through sports specialists and secondary colleagues.


CPD for sport leader through Youth Sports Trust membership.

Enrichment lessons and new sporting experiences for all children


Extra-curricular clubs, festivals, tournaments and events to be available to all children.


Sports specialists will provide enrichment days to ignite children’s love for sports and introduce children to sports they may not have tried before.


Wow days offer children to try a new physical sport or activity e.g. climbing wall, Bollywood dancing, BMX and scooter resilience workshops, 

Membership of Schools Sports Partnership 2022-2023


Entry to local sports leagues, tournaments and events


Support the funding of our minibus to ensure children can attend sporting fixtures and events.


Use Schools Games Week to promote children to try something new and get physically active


Internal Sports Events are reinstated e.g. Sports Day and Carousel of Sports

A comprehensive planner/ list of clubs, matches, tournaments and events are available for children throughout the year.


School houses reintroduced to enable intra-school competitions.

Approx. Costs


Approx. Costs

Approx. Costs

Approx. Costs

Approx. Costs