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Eco Day - Friday 10th June 2022

On Eco-Day, the children were talking about what they do on a daily basis to be eco-friendly. 


The children created posters and fact files to share what they had learned.  Year 4 loved their music session with Miss Kerr, creating a new version of 'We Will Rock You' called 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.'  Miss Kerr was impressed with how quickly they came up with eco-linked lyrics and then recreated the drum beat using drum sticks and their chairs.  In the afternoon, the children spent time making their own eco-friendly bird feeders to hang in our outdoor areas and collages made out of scraps of materials from the art cupboard. 


Some of the children spent the last part of the day planting their Ukrainian sunflowers in our garden as they have been growing so well.  As a class, we had a great, fun day!