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Poetry Week

On Saturday the 8th of February Year 5 went to watch a
football match at Wycombe Wanderers Football Club.
We were invited to watch a football match as part of something
called Matrix to learn about poetry and about creating
poems ourselves. The topics we could focus on were;the
football, the field, the goal keeper, the goal, the referee
and the linesman.
More importantly the good news was that Wycombe
By Naimh and Anfale (Year 5)


In collaboration with Wycombe Wanderers Football Club, Foxes Piece School has embarked on a poetry project. As part of this venture, we have been lucky enough to secure funding to raise the profile of poetry across the school and have already spent over a thousand pounds on new poetry resources. This week the whole school have been reading and learning about different forms of poetry and will be sharing their recitals with their peers on Friday.
Tuesday was a particularly exciting day, as Coral Rumble came to the school to lead poetry workshops with the children. Coral is a leading children’s poet and performer who has produced her own books and was a co-writer for CBeebies Poetry Pie series.